New data sheets for Language Index

The LET currently prepares several more data sheets for download in our VLC Language Index, e.g. Albanian, Catalan, Irish, Lithuanian or Persian.

Datenblätter im VLC Language Index

Data sheets in the VLC Language Index

The Language Index is the VLC’s linguistic mapping and typology tool. It currently features 500+ natural languages and dialects, 200+ of which have full audio and multimedia support.

The audio material is based on our data sheets, which consist of the same linguistic data translated into every language recorded at the VLC. Recently, 20 of these data sheets were made available for download to every VLC user, i.e. you can download data sheets for the following languages right now:

Arabic English Portuguese
Bulgarian German Romanian
Chinese Greek Russian
Danish Italian Spanish
Dutch Japanese Swedish
Finnish Norwegian Turkish
French Polish

In addition to these, data sheets for the following languages are currently in production:

Albanian Czech Latvian
Armenian Hindi Lithuanian
Catalan Irish Persian
Croatian Kurdish Serbian

You found your mother tongue in one of the two tables?
You want to lend your voice to the VLC?
Or are you outraged about not finding your mother tongue?

Then contact us at or visit our offices in the Philosophische Fakultät Marburg, Wilhelm-Röpke-Straße 6, Block K. We gladly accept speakers of any language and dialect.


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