Contract signed for 2010 project “VCT”

The LET is happy to officially announce a cooperation with Hesse’s Bureau for Teacher Education (AfL) for its 2010 project, “Virtual Center for Teacher Training (VCT)”. The contract was presented to the project director, Prof. Dr. Juergen Handke, by the AfL’s representative, Mr. Koenig, in Marburg earlier today. The cooperation ensures employment of several skilled researchers and student assistants for the year 2010.

"Contract presentation"

contract presentation

The photo shows the official presentation of the contract, with Mr. Koening (AfL, 3rd from left) handing over the contract to the project director, Prof. Dr. Juergen Handke (2nd from the right). Also shown in the photo are LET researchers Anna M. Gallus (left) and Dr. Peter Franke (2nd from left), as well as teacher consultant Carsten Schouler (right).

The “Virtual Center for Teacher Training”, which has been in development since 2004, is a web-based educational platform for teachers in Germany. It offers fully certified courses for teachers and future teachers in the New Media. All courses on the VCT can be studied online, incorporating multimedial and interactive elements which go beyond convential teaching methods. Beginning 2009, the VCT underwent considerable improvement geared towards teacher education in the New Media. The cooperation with the AfL aims at producing more content material and ensuring quality maintenance for a year.


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