VZL and VLC @ Hessentag 2010

We are blogging live from the Hessentag 2010 in Stadtallendorf. Here, in the Landesausstellung, we present our projects as part of the “Hessisches Kultusministerium” booth. Since the doors opened at 10am, many visitors have already stopped by to learn more about the VZL and the VLC, or to test their knowledge on our ‘Language Wheel of Fortune’.

LET booth @ Hessentag 2010

Among the visitors was also the Hessian Minister of Culture, Dorothea Henzler, who showed particular interest in the language-related projects of the VLC. The photo below shows Henzler, center, with project director Prof. Handke (left) and Dr. Mignon Löffler-Ensgraber, right, personal assistant to the State Secretary.

If you are curious about the projects and work of the LET, visit our booth at the Landesausstellung, Herrenwaldstadion Stadtallendorf. Our exhibition days are Friday 4th and Saturday 5th, from 10am to 8pm.


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