Successfull visit to the GAL conference in Leipzig

With a total of 7 new recordings for the language index and many new users for the Virtual Linguistics Campus, our booth at the annual conference of the German association for applied linguistics was a real success.

The following new entries to the language index could be recorded:
German from Dibbesdorf, Leipzig and Naundorf
Bavarian from Ingolstadt
Russian from Moscow and Nizny Nowgerod
Spanish from Cochabamba/Bolivia

A big “thank you” to the linguists and student assistants who were kind and lend us their voice for the language index!

New agreement for the MA Linguistics and Web Technology

From next year onwards, two students will have the chance to participate in the annual European Summer School Cultures and Technologies in Leipzig. Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Burr, the organizer of the workshops, allows two selected students to take part in the summer school almost free of charge, the traveling and funding costs will be covered by a grant.

This is what our booth at the GAL conference looked like:

Stand bei der GAL 2010 in Leipzig


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