Thank you for your vote!

Now the MOOC voting is over.We received 248 Likes and 600 votes, so we are
somewhere in the midfield. But what is more important, our application video
was watched 2,165 times with 65 Likes and 0 Dislikes, and, what is
absolutely astonishing with 22 overwhelmingly positive comments. This is a
record among all application videos and it shows that there was no fake in
voting and that our project is wanted by the web-community.

There is no application video with such a high percentage of LIKES and where
the number of views of the video is considerably higher than the number of
votes for that particular application. What does that mean? Well, if a
project has more votes than application video views, then people must have
voted without having watched the video. Put more simply: Whereas we can
assume to have got “real” votes, those whose videos were not watched got
“blind” votes. You understand what I mean? Their votes have simply been
asked for … and, in many cases, their application videos have almost no
likes and even some dislikes. And this applies to almost all projects. Just
check the application videos …

So we can be extremely proud: We are grateful for 2165 views of our video
( and the highest percentrage of Likes and no
DISLIKE at all.


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